RankCall NumberBook TitleAuthorChk Times
1 K103/E20072.6The humanistic tradition Gloria K. Fiero ; 孙有中、王红欣、张军导读/注释.12
2 D80/E20033.2Classic readings of international relations edited by Phil Williams, Donald M. Goldstein, Jay M. Shafritz.10
3 F830.59/E200910Chartered Financial Analyst Program curriculum CFA Institute8
4 H314-44/E907English grammar in use Raymond Murphy.6
5 H0/E20163Introduction to corpus linguistics Francis Proctor, editor.5
6 H059/E20057Toward a science of translating Eugene A. Nida.5
7 H08/E20154Re-examining language testing Glenn Fulcher.5
8 H319/E9021Style in fiction Geoffrey N. Leech, Michael H. Short.5
9 H315.9/E20062The translator's guide to Chinglish by Joan Pinkham, with the collaboration of Jiang Guihua5
10 H059/E20053Translation criticism Katharina Reiss ; translated by Erroll F. Rhodes.5
11 H030/E20032Pragmatics George Yule.4
12 H03/E20023.2Pragmatics Jacob L. Mey ; 徐盛桓导读.4
13 G210.7/E20152The online journalism handbook Paul Bradshaw and Liisa Rohumaa.4
14 G642.46/E20073.13GMAT review from the Graduate Management Admission Council.4
15 H0/E20004An introduction to second language acquisition research D.Larsen-Freeman4
16 F27/E20065.7-2Information technology project management Kathy Schwalbe4
17 H319/E20163Corpus linguistics for ELT Ivor Timmis.4
18 H059/E20058Translation, rewriting and the manipulation of literary fame Andr·Œ Lefevere.4
19 C913.14/E20054.6Men's lives [complied by] Michael S. Kimmel, Michael A. Messner4
20 H059/E903-2The theory and practice of translation Eugene A. Nida & Charles R. Taber.4
21 H316/20014.4Longman dictionary of contemporary English [英国培生教育出版有限公司编].4
22 C934/E20151The decision book Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler ; translated by Jenny Piening ; with illustrations by Philip Earnhart.4
23 D0/E20108.4Public policy Charles L. Cochran and Eloise F. Malone.4
24 C916/E20061.10Introduction to social work O. William Farley, Larry Lorenzo Smith, Scott W. Boyle .4
25 K01/E20052Philosophies of history introduced and edited by Robert M. Burns & Hugh Rayment-Pickard.4