RankCall NumberBook TitleAuthorChk Times
1 X196/E20141.4Environmental economics and natural resource management David A. Anderson, Centre College.6
2 O212.8/E20142Bayesian filtering and smoothing Simo Sãrkkã.6
3 Q343.2/E20151Biocode Dawn Field ,Neil Davies.6
4 O172/E20041Advanced calculus Patrick M. Fitzpatrick6
5 TU528/E20151.4Concrete P. Kumar Mehta, Paulo j. M. Monteiro.5
6 TP181/E20153.2The elements of statistical learning Bruce Eckel5
7 R445/E20151.2Learning radiology William Herring.5
8 R44/E20063Textbook of diagnostics R.C.G. Russell, Norman S.Williams, Christopher J.K.Bulstrode5
9 TB383/E20142Polymer-graphene nanocomposites Yuri Nikolsky ,Julie Bryant.5
10 TS252/E20091.2Milk proteins Dennis A. Hansell and Craig A. Carlson.4
11 R9-62/E20141.4Mosby's drug reference for health professions MaryAnne Hochadel.4
12 R4-44/E20102.5First aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS (clinical skills) Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan, Mae Sheikh-Ali, Kachiu Cecilia Lee.4
13 TP312R/E20141.2R in a nutshell Joseph Adler4
14 O212/E20055.2Statistical inference Erik Millstone , Tim Lang.4
15 O189.22/E20041From calculus to cohomology Ib Madsen ,Jorgen Tornehave4
16 R445/E20123.4Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago4
17 O186.11/E801-2Differential geometry of curves and surfaces Manfredo P. do Carmo4
18 O242.1/E20041.3A first course in mathematical modeling Frank R. Giordano, Maurice D. Weir, William P. Fox4
19 TP312JA/E20032.4-2Thinking in Java Bruce Eckel著 ; 刘中兵评注.4
20 O241/E20041Numerical analysis Rainer Kress.3
21 R322/E20011.12Grant's dissectorEberhardt K.Sauerland,3
22 R322.7-64/E20031.4Atlas of skeletal muscles Robert J. Stone, Judith A. Stone.3
23 Q24/E20121.3Essentials of stem cell biology Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne3
24 R44-44/E20011.4Physical diagnosis Jo-Ann Reteguiz, Beverly Cornel-AvendãНo.3
25 O151.26/E20041.3Linear algebra and its applications David C. Lay著.3