RankCall NumberBook TitleAuthorChk Times
1 D81-61/E20101The international studies encyclopedia Robert A. Denemark12
2 H09/E9018-2Understanding second language acquisition Rod Ellis.9
3 H315/E9915.6How to write and publish a scientific paper Robert A. Day, Barbara Gastel. 8
4 H030/E20062Notes on pragmatics He, Ziran . 7
5 G642.46/E20073.13GMAT review: the official guide Graduate Management Admission Council.7
6 H310.4/E20033.2Pass Cambridge BEC vantage student book Lan Wood, Paul Sanderson, Anne Williams, Catrin Lloyd-Jones.7
7 H0/E20146Language contact: an introduction Sarah G. Thomason; 吴福祥导读.6
8 B846/E20131The secret Rhonda Byrne.6
9 J905.561/E20141Sherlock: the casebook Guy Adams.6
10 H310.41/E20082Cambridge IELTS 6  6
11 H3/E20022The Study of second language acquisition Rod Ellis.5
12 K1/E20052.7A global history: from prehistory to the 21st century L. S. Stavrianos.5
13 H0/E200218The handbook of linguistics Mark Aronoff,Janie Rees-Miller; 周流溪导读.5
14 D927.658.342/E20141.2Butterworths Hong Kong patents handbook: Patents Ordinance (Cap 514) 2005 first issue, Kevin K.H. Pun; 2010 reissue, Li Yahong; publishing director, Brendan Clift; legal editor, Kenneth Liang.5
15 D095.654.1/E20141The social contract witten by Jean-Jacques Rousseau; translated by G.D.H. Cole; 王田田导读5
16 B844.3/E20141The defining decade: why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now Meg Jay.5
17 C932/E20141.8Case in point: complete case interview preparation Marc P. Cosentino.5
18 H04/E200512-2Cognitive linguistics William Croft,D. Alan Cruse.5
19 K837.125.6/E20134Eat, pray, love: one woman's search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia Elizabeth Gilbert.5
20 H030/E20143Critical discourse analysis edited by Ruth Wodak.5
21 H310.41/E20132Cambridge IELTS. 9 : authentic examination papers from Cambridge ESOLCambridge IELTSUniversity of Cambridge. Local Examinations Syndicate5
22 J952/E20141Documentary, world history, and national power in the PRC: global rise in Chinese eyes Gotelind Müller.4
23 K712.0/E20142History of the UNited States Charles A. Beard, Mary R. Beard.4
24 H052/E20121.13Handbook for writing research papers, reports, and theses Carole Slade, Robert Perrin.4
25 D81/E20014.6-2The global agenda: issues and perspectives edited by Charles W. Kegley, Jr. Eugene R. Wittkopf.4