RankCall NumberBook TitleAuthorChk Times
1 R36/E20052.7Basic pathologyVinay Kumar, Ramzi S. Cotran, Stanley L. Robbins ; with illustrations by James A. Perkins.7
2 Q813/E20122Cytotechnology 郭华荣 主编.6
3 Q94/E991.9-2Introductory plant biology Kingsley R. Stern, Shelley Jansky, James E. Bidlack.5
4 R445.1/E20131Clinical ultrasound :case reviewsEdward Hoey, Jane Alty and Kshitij Mankad.4
5 R-44/E20083EMQs for medical students Adam Feather ... [et al.]4
6 TP312PE/E20121.6Learning Perl Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix.4
7 Q5/E20035.2Basic concepts in biochemistry Hiram F. Gilbert.4
8 Q5/E20031Instant notes in biochemistryB.D. Hames, N.M. Hooper & J.D. Houghton.4
9 R33-43/E20051Physiology :a core text with self-assessment J.G.McGeown.4
10 R392/E20122Immunology :mucosal and body surface defences Andy E. Williams ; with contributions from Tracy Hussell, Clare Lloyd.4
11 TP316.81/E20061.2Advanced programming in the Unix environment W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago.4
12 R33/E20131.4Medical Physiology :principles for clinical medicine edited by Rodney A. Rhoades and David R. Bell.4
13 R94/E20072.4Pharmaceutical practice.Winfield, A. J. (Arthur J.)4
14 R591.44/E20081.3Osteoporosisedited by Robert Marcus ... [et al.].4
15 R741-64/E20071Color atlas of neurology Reinhard Rohkamm ; 172 illustrations by Manfred Güther ; translation revised by Ethan Taub.4
16 R96/E20062Textbook of pharmacology chief editors of adaptation edition, Zhou Honghao4
17 TB383/E201211Electrospinning :materials, processing, and applications Joachim H. Wendorff, Seema Agarwal, and Andreas Greiner.4
18 TP312JA/E20032.4-2Thinking in Java Bruce Eckel ; 刘中兵评注.4
19 R33-43/E801.11Textbook of medical physiologyArthur C. Guyton, John E. Hall.4
20 O61/E20061.4无机化学 Gary L. Miessler, Donald A. Tarr.3
21 R9/E20111Pharmacy informatics[edited by] Philip O. Anderson, Susan M. McGuinness, Philip E. Bourne.3
22 TN911.73/E20072.2Digital image processing Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods.3
23 R33/E20121.4Physiology :cases and problems Linda S. Costanzo.3
24 R68/E901.4Lecture notes,T. Duckworth, C. M. Blundell.3
25 R33/E200317Basic concepts in physiology Charles Seidel.3