RankCall NumberBook TitleAuthorChk Times
1 R36/E20052.7Basic pathology =基础病理学 /Vinay Kumar, Ramzi S. Cotran, Stanley L. Robbins ; with illustrations by James A. Perkins.7
2 R329/E20041.6Cell biology and histology Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, Judy M. Strum.6
3 R392/E20122Immunology :mucosal and body surface defences Andy E. Williams ; with contributions from Tracy Hussell, Clare Lloyd.6
4 O151.26/E20041.3Linear algebra and its applications David C. Lay.6
5 TP312PE/E20121.6Learning Perl Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix.6
6 R33/E20062.5PhysiologyLinda S. Costanzo.5
7 O212/E20062Elements of computational statistics James E. Gentle.5
8 TN79/E20061.10Digital fundamentals Thomas L. Floyd.5
9 R322-64/E802Atlas of clinical anatomyRichard S. Snell ; artist, Terry Dolan.4
10 TP312C/E20073.3Algorithms in C.Robert Sedgewick.4
11 TP312C/E20061.4C++ primer Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie, Barbara E. Moo.4
12 TP312C/E20073.3Algorithms in C.Robert Sedgewick.4
13 R373/E20121.4Human virologyLeslie Collier, John Oxford, Paul Kellam.4
14 Q78/E20092Biotechnology :applying the genetic revolution authors, David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik.4
15 R338.2/E20092.2Cognition, brain, and consciousness :introduction to cognitive neuroscience Bernard J. Baars and Nicole M. Gage.4
16 R6/E20071.24Bailey & Love short practice of surgery R.C.G. Russell, Norman S.Williams, Christopher J.K.Bulstrode 4
17 R94/E20072.4Pharmaceutical practice.Winfield, A. J. (Arthur J.)4
18 R749/E20121.3Textbook of psychiatry Basant K. Puri, Ian H. Treasaden.4
19 TS201.2/E904Enzymic hydrolysis of food proteins Jens Adler-Nissen.4
20 R6-44/E20121.4General surgery board review editors, Larry A. Scher, Gerard Weinberg.4
21 R44/E20063Textbook of diagnostics chief editors of adaptation edition, L·£ Zhuoren, Lei Han 4
22 R36-44/E20122.3Rapid review pathologyEdward F. Goljan.4
23 TS2/E20061Introduction to food science Rick Parker.4
24 X196/E20081Environmental economics :critical concepts in the environment edited by Charles F. Mason and Erwin H. Bulte.4
25 R96-44/E20121.5Pharmacology Gary C. Rosenfeld, David S. Loose ; with special contributions by Medina Kushen, Todd A. Swanson.4